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The robot that can do storytelling and interaction to audience with combination of robot, magic, and multi-media contents.
  • Humanoid robot playing a role of magician
  • Special effect and Interaction through display device
  • Maximize tension and magical effect through sound output
  • Direct special effect and spatial magic by using table
  • Integral control system through computer

  • Computer system

    Display device

    Humanoid robot

    Motor / Device

    Motion control system

    Sound output device
    Product features Table robot magic by using magical contents
    Distribution channel Exhibition hall, Dealership, Public office, Educational institution, Company online
    Size / Specification Model MAGIC ROBOT
    Manufacture Company ROBO LIFE Co., Ltd.
  • Height : 160cm / Upper body : 76cm
  • Length of arm : 156cm
  • Trunk circumference : chest 90cm / waist 36cm
  • Size of table : 90*40*77.5 (width*length*height) unit :cm
  • Robot joint 22joints
    Monitor 31inch
    OS Window7
    Sound Monitor built in, AUX available
    Offered program Control program, Motion control program, Scenario program

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