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Verified edutainment humanoid robot with performance at competitions for years!!
TINYWAVE offers satisfactory service to users based on stable operation and high performance.
As it uses aluminum frame, it strengthened durability and solidity.
It offers an option frame to enable to do basic remodeling without separate frame production.
And as it offers realization of every function and wireless communication to control, so it is free from restraint of environment by wire.
Motion Creator that is a software to control multi-joint robot based on GUI(Graphical User Interface) is available for entry, competition, education, and application because it is easy to learn and apply.
Product features Edutainment, humanoid robot
Distribution channel Company online, Dealership, Educational institute
Size / Specification Model TINYWAVE-AF
Manufacture Company ROBO LIFE Co., Ltd.
Size Height : 34.2cm / Weight : 1.57kg
Motor Spec DYNAMIXEL (AX-18A)
Components DYNAMIXEL / Frame Set 23type / ROBOLIFE Controller 1set / Li-Po Battery, Li-Po Charger

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